Personal Art

My Artist Statement:

I create art based on my feelings, or I take the emotional energy I have and channel it into my art, allowing myself to express my feelings while not necessarily making the work about it. Through my work, I want to spread beauty, love, and hope through the world.


Like every child, I loved to draw and create arts and crafts as a kid, and going into middle school, I loved to draw anime and other cartoons, but it wasn’t until late high school did I take an interest into other forms of art. Though I have not been working on my art long and I definitely do not have the natural talent other possess, I believe that though hard work and dedication, I can create quality work. However, because of this, I have very little artwork of my own that is not assignment base. Despite this, in the short time I’ve been actively working on my art while attending WVU, I’ve seen a tremendous growth and change in it and I’m excited to see where it goes.

For future photos and other works, please look for the tags “Art” or “My Art”