My Art: Classwork

Freshman Year

My first year at WVU was the first time in my life really focusing on my art with the intent for long term improvement and betterment. Because I’m still such a new artist and have not had the time to practice and develop my art on my own, I do not yet have my own style or preferred medium, and all the work to be posted here will have been assignment based.


My first assignment of the semester was to recreate a shoe exclusively out of masking tape. Having past experiences in similar mediums, this assignment wasn’t too challenging to me. The most challenging part was trying to create the finer details with enough depth, but still getting clean cuts.



This was probably my favorite assignment of my 3D class. This is am abstraction of two objects of the artist’s choosing, and for me it was ivy and the carpal bones of the hand. This was created by Styrofoam and “paper pulp”, and painted for color.



Even though it was a quick homework assignment, this analogous color study of a bottle was fun for me to create, ignoring the colors I saw and creating my own. Given more time, I would have added details and more value to all my colors, and cleaned theĀ process up.



I have always loved seeing the sketchy process on drawing, but I never seemed to be able to do one myself, but this timed 5 minute gesture of a skeleton with drapery turned out much better than I had expected, and while it is not too detailed and messy, I really like it



Like the skeleton above, art works done with the grids always appealed to me, but until now, I never got it to look right, but this assignment really turned out to me.



When I was introduced to using sticks or twigs and ink to paint trees, I was against the idea and dreaded it the entire time, hating what I was making, but by the time I finished it and turned it in, I was beginning to appreciate it more and more, and while I still would love to change some things, I’m much happier with the outcome over time.



This is probably my single best and favorite work I have done to date. This Charcoal Reduction drawing of a bust was fairly early on in the semester, but ended up being my favorite piece to date.



A soft pastel drawing of the same bust as shown above. I don’t like it as much as the Reduction drawing, but this was after three modeling sessions, and this turned out better than any of those drawings,. Seeing how similar these turned out despite the time between them and the medium change, I was really proud of the outcome.

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